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My Slowly adventure has changed my life so much that I just knew I had to submit the story of one of my friendships, but then came the difficult part, who do I choose? I've found so many close and fantastic friendships here that trying to narrow it down to just one was impossible, picking your favourite child.

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When I first joined Slowly, I was very lonely and felt anxious, self conscious and very low on confidence most days. I’m an introvert so joining Slowly was daunting at first and questions like “why would anyone want to talk to me?” “Surely no one would find me interesting” were frequently going through my mind but I decided to push myself and take the plunge and it’s changed my life. I have met some truly amazing, nice and caring people from all over the world, that I know will be close friends for life. Who knew it was possible for someone from Scotland to have so much in common with people in Bangladesh, Albania, Canada, France, The Philippines, Poland, Argentina, The Netherlands, Italy, Taiwan and many others? Slowly made me realise that borders are just lines on a map, they don’t define us as people, we’re all human and much more alike than many people believe.

These friendships have improved my mood, social skills and self confidence to a level that I didn’t know was possible. To all my friends I say thank you, for you sharing your life with me and taking an interest in mine. Here’s to many many more years of friendship and conversation! To the Slowly staff I say thank you for creating this safe space and platform for all kinds of people from all ways of life to come together and find friendship and common ground. Slowly shows there’s still so much good and togetherness in the world and offers hope while other platforms can make things look so bleak. This app is truly life changing.

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