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I cannot convey in words enough how she has gotten me through tough times, where her letters were the only things that gave me a semblance that someone cared for me.

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She has an amazing taste in music. Instead of all the usual pop-culture talk with recommendations and suggestions, she actually listened to what I had to say and think in times when real world colleagues and friends didn’t find the the time or care too.

I must admit I felt things in a long long time. And while it may not be something huge, due to so many things out of my control, I’m glad I got to know her and be with her in spirit across this whole infinite universe and infinite time.

You know you’ve got a friend when you cannot wait for the long times of delivery. While many would take it as a limitation, I consider that someone caring enough to send you a message is special dilutes it.

We grew very fond of each others dreams and interests. And we still are, I hope. The more we talk the more she understands what I need. And maybe she might not feel the same way through my letters that much, but I guess it’s good enough for me. I badly needed a friend. And I have one now, possibly for a very long time.

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