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At first, I thought SLOWLY was one of those anonymous, social apps that you see on the Play Store but when I began to get more indulged with it, it took me to a whole new level.

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I joined SLOWLY last September 2018. I never believed it would impress me much until I sent my first letter. I had the thought that my penpals wouldn’t receive my letter and might ignore them, probably because I was fresh in the app’s environment. But I was absolutely wrong. I actually got replies. So far as I can remember, my first penpal was an Indonesian girl. She was really friendly and cool, her letters were significantly interesting. From there, I started receiving more letters from foreign users and also some from my region. I began to enjoy writing to them as more and more users found the interest to write to me.

In the real world, I was a guy who didn’t have a lot of friends. I was more of an introvert. Face-to-face social interactions would turn out awkward and I didn’t want that to go further, so I was mostly quiet. But after I discovered SLOWLY, I felt more joyful to know new people. SLOWLY has opened up a world for both introverts and extroverts to communicate and build friendships, through letters, without the worry of personal insecurities and issues. SLOWLY also improved my writing and vocabulary and I’ve also learned some new, foreign languages. I’m very thankful to the developers of SLOWLY for creating such a beneficial and great app for the public. It really helped a lot.


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