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What started as a simple letter, me just barely getting to know this app, blindly asking people about their likes and dislikes, ended up as becoming one of my dearest friends…

Despite being from very different countries, I from Brazil, and she from Taiwan, our tastes were very similar. I started by being surprised on how many topics we had in common, seventeen in total.

Funny thing is, our first letters were just passionate conversations about movies, music, and stories, and ended up to us screaming our names and adding Freddie Mercury’s famous «EEEEEEOOOO»s to the beginning of every letter.

Freddie Mercury ( via GIPHY )
Freddie Mercury ( via GIPHY )

It took months for us to even ask each other’s names, for how enjoyable our conversations were. We even got to send each other post cards, from actual trips we took! Thinking about how we probably would never meet in any other occasions, if not for Slowly, makes me wonder how did fate set this up?

Seeing how we progressed as friends, it was like out of nowhere we broke this intimacy barrier, we were no longer strangers, or acquaintances, but truly friends, real friends. I thank this app so much for giving me opportunity to meet someone like her.

This is Yun for you guys, and I’m Felipe.

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