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I downloaded Slowly when I was in a bad moment in my life.

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The first weeks were pretty quiet, and I was to shy to reach out to anyone.. I didn’t wait long to be receiving my first letter from someone who wasn’t in my country, and when I did I was so happy! He was this sweet engineering boy and, at first, we bonded over “Friends” and comic books. Soon, I was the Phoebe to his Chandler, the Kaatrin Mozhi to his Saudade and suddenly there wasn’t a day where I wasn’t happily expecting a letter from him to arrive. He became my best friend when I felt like I had no one and he changed my life in more ways that I can count. Nowadays he sends me beautiful poems, I send him drawings and we build our friendship in beautiful paragraphs and colored pencils. The physical distance means nothing when we know we are there for each other on a simple keyboard type. I love him dearly and I hope that, one day, blue skies can be the witness of our meeting.

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