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My name is Harper.

When I joined the app, Slowly, I was a broken soul. Someone who hated feelings. I thought I couldn’t be healed from my despair. Eventually, I was tired of feeling sad, lonely, and in pain. I wanted to prove to myself and the world what I was made of. That I could make a difference.

I was in a hard situation. I always felt lost, confused, and hurt. I couldn’t tell anybody how i felt because I was afraid of letting people in and trusting them. I would always be frantically looking for something that told me they were dangerous. I absorbed all their information that I would never need. I asked myself, “what was the point?”

Eventually, I felt like I was running in circles. I wasn’t going anywhere I needed to be. I wanted to do something, wanted to find out who I was. That is a hard mission on its own, so how to do it? When I least expected it, I found out how.

Someone asked for my help. And when I felt that energy of happiness– it felt like my soul was dancing. So I knew: other people are out there, just like me. People were hurt and felt like they didn’t belong. And that’s when I found slowly.

I expressed my thoughts to someone on slowly. The thoughts about my sad, painful life. And because slowly is full of people who care about others, they wanted to help. Because of Slowly, I found out who I was. That I enjoy theatre, writing, what traits I have and which ones I value. It made me become more aware of what people look for in a conversation.

So the next time I have a face-to-face conversation, I won’t be scared whether I’ll say the right thing. Thanks to slowly, I get to do, think, and say what I believe. That’s the greatest feeling in the world: Hope, happiness, and finally peace.

And because I want to meet so many new people, I fill up the maximum capacity of talking to 100 strangers. Sometimes I wish I could have more, sometimes less- but the beauty everyone has and their story – is out of this world. I have brought so many people out of the dark and brought them joy and happiness. This app, Slowly, is the key to a successful, happy, and amazing life.

People of slowly showed me that it’s okay to hate love and being insecure when it comes to trust. In fact, many of the feelings I went through, they went through too! They taught me that I’m not alone.

Because of them, my goal is to help people. My dream came true. I get inspired by them, as they get inspired by me. The relationships I have built have definitely been worth the wait. And I couldn’t be more happy to help people than ever.

If it wasn’t for this app, who knows how I would have turned out?

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