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Slowly is inspired by the traditional penpal experience; one of our key objectives is to encourage users to communicate through ‘letters’ that are slower in pace, but deeper in meaning.

We received a lot of positive feedback from users who love the delayed messaging feature, yet are hesitant to talk to strangers. Instead of a matching platform, they’re more willing to treat Slowly as a communication tool for families, partners and friends living in another country. Yet since the rapid growth of Slowly users and the increasing options of matching preferences, it’s become more difficult and time-consuming to filter through users.

In fact I’m also using Slowly to communicate with my girlfriend. Not that we ditched using instant messaging on a daily basis, but there are special moments where we both find Slowly to be a lot more fitting. I always smile from my heart when I receive her letters. 😊

Keeping our users’ request in mind, we introduced ‘Slowly ID’ since the latest release (3.2.1) to help you effortlessly search for people you may already know. To protect your privacy, Slowly ID can always be disabled in your Profile settings; each friend request received via Slowly ID has to be accepted before sending letters. To avoid spam / promotional services abusing this feature, all letters sent to a friend connected via Slowly ID will not affect your ‘Sent : Received ratio’.

Use Slowly ID to take things slow in your relationship, or catch up with close friends with thoughtful letters – refer those you care and love to join Slowly today!


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