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Of course i am here to giving my special shoutout to my friend, C.
but 200 slowly coins seems really good though! kidding (i always did that to my thousands km buddy)

I was never being more happy with a letter before, but this is really good, sorry..AWESOME.
Do you ever imagine that there will be someone who always gives you some good advices or good words to made your day, just by……a letter?!
well i have never thought about it before!
but as we all knew, there is always a possibilities. and yes it is.

this C helps me through some moments, the moments when i don’t know what to decide, the moments when i was in burnt out time, the moment when i had my first day of internship, and so on.

Thank you Slowly! Taking a days to finally received or sending a letter maybe not fun, but guess what! i am enjoying this so much, when there is a notification about my letter came, i patiently always counting for that time, i regularly checking my phone when i’m on commuter, or on my way, or in my bed even tho i know it’s written on my letter ( letter arrived in 2 days, in 8 hours, and so on.. ) but i have no idea what am i doing that, do not ask me! and when my letter finally arrived, i’ll make sure that i’m in good spot to reading it, and then i thought about what stories i would like to share as my reply. That’s what makes it fun.

We are celebrating our one year of friendship! HEY SLOWLY, could you please give us award for staying a year exchanging letters with the same person?! (maybe some people out there agree with me, right people??)
hahaha kidding, but i just gave a brilliant ideas, am i?

to my C, THANK YOU!
you must be heard it for 100000x times, i’ve been thanking you a lots but i really mean it.

*if there is possibility to my story getting published, i don’t know it taking for days or months or years, but i just want to say
« SELAMAT ULANG TAHUN » buddy! if it is late, but i already said it to you tho. please stay with me, for the upcoming years! You are the only one who want to stay with me….for a year (*tears about coming down….. and sad song appear as backsound)

to everyone who reading this, thank you too!
and i suggest you to stay on this app until you really find someone like my C!
it is really good.

Have a good day!

– pat

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