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When boredom hits me hard like a truck, I was on a cloud nine until the friend of mine from Polyglot community recommended me an unique letters exchanging app. I began to figure it out.

In the real world, I was just an ordinary college student who didn’t have many friends. People known me as introvert, I rarely hangs out and sometimes being involved in small talks in a certain social event would turn out boring and tiring.

Until one day, I have discovered an app on the Google Play Store. I look at the numerous nice reviews from the users and something popped out in my mind, “Wow, finally! A good app for exchanging letters”. So, I joined SLOWLY last September 2018.

I think I could use this app to improve my writing skills and improve my English vocabulary, so why not? I could make pen friends from around the world! I wanted to talk to strangers, sharing my secrets, worries and dreams with them.

It started with a warm letter from India, his name is Ashish, along with his kind condolences and prayers for brothers and sisters in Palu city, Sulawesi island, Indonesia, which was hit by a large tsunami and earthquake. Our preferences and interests matched the most and I think this is the fun part. We both love writing, he even wrote me his blog address. He may be a student of PG in Economics and Financial Management, but he is also a great writer and blogger.

These days we were unable to stop exchanging letters, I learned a lot about where he lives, his culture and his people even from the smallest thing. My friendship with Ashish means a lot to me, and I really cherished his letters. I hope that our friendship will lasts longer!

I wanna say thank you so much, SLOWLY app! For bringing me together with my awesome pen pals and thank you for the people behind SLOWLY for giving me an exciting letters exchanging experiences! You did a great job!

– Aulia Sheila Diba (aulyasela)

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