Slowly Story - #Writing


🇰🇷 South Korea

And I can find There are still many people in the world who like to write long letters.

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🇮🇹 Italy

And life has changed: travelling on the train becomes my privileged "writing room".

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🇹🇼 Taiwan

I have never even thought of writing a letter and sending it to someone on the other side of an electronic advice.

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🇫🇮 Finland

Like many other users of Slowly, I'm sure, I have always longed to make deeper connections with people.

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🇦🇺 Australia

It was about assimilating events and the consequent transformations in my life.

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🇧🇷 Brazil

Wow, what an amazing app! There's no shadow of a doubt it is the best one in communication and interactivity.

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A.I. Diagiamini

🇨🇱 Chile

Just as I made sending letters through Slowly a fundamental part of my routine, I also learned to listen to my penpals.

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🇭🇰 Hong Kong

Through this app, I've typed an unprecedented amount of words to convey feelings I've never been able to express before...

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Curious chessy

🇮🇳 India

Slowly enhances my essence of writing in my busiest schedules and times of my days and nights.

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🇩🇪 Germany

I remember back in 80's I used to write real mail made out of paper & pen with stamps and such.

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🇹🇷 Turkey

The only time I become impatient is when I see the notification of her letter arriving...

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🇲🇾 Malaysia

Getting a digital letter feels like Christmas. Especially when the opposite pours their hearts content, while putting in effort to learn and understand you as well.

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