Slowly Story


🇮🇹 Italy

And life has changed: travelling on the train becomes my privileged "writing room".

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🇮🇳 India

He told me if you're afraid to say things to your family, you should probably be fine to talk about it to a stranger.

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🇹🇼 Taiwan

I have never even thought of writing a letter and sending it to someone on the other side of an electronic advice.

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🇹🇷 Turkey

I can discuss Sheakespeare with a British, Volteire with French, Mauppassant…

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🇧🇷 Brazil

I didn't know I was about to meet someone new to talk on a deeper level about everything.

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🇹🇼 Taiwan

I opened it and found Alexandru's last letter with worrying about my current situation and how I had been.

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🇵🇰 Pakistan

I uninstalled and reinstalled the app about four time until I made my mind to stick to it and really try it out.

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🇮🇩 Indonesia

We are celebrating our one year of friendship!

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🇫🇮 Finland

Like many other users of Slowly, I'm sure, I have always longed to make deeper connections with people.

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阿A & Forever21

🇭🇰 Hong Kong & 🇲🇴 Macau

Our story is started by a common topic preference of "deaf".

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🇦🇺 Australia

It was about assimilating events and the consequent transformations in my life.

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🇺🇸 United States

He’s halfway across the world and I feel closer to him than most people.

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