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When I first discovered slowly, I wasn’t sure what I was to encounter at all. I thought that sending a message and awaiting the duration like it was a letter feels so nostalgic and brilliant as it replicate the original feeling. I felt like I was able to relive my childhood memories, as I write letters to my aunt in the UK and await a sweet and delightful reward during Christmas Eve.

Having not being able to make friends abroad as a child, I never got that chance to live that fantasy. But with slowly my life took a turn and I made a couple of friend’s all over the world. I mean social media is fast enough, but with slowly it feels like a genuine interaction. You take your time asking questions about each other, getting to know a person’s background, telling them your daily routine and so on. Once you bonded well enough with that person, the letters turned into post cards where you can share images of your daily surroundings.

I am happy to have discovered this app as it has helped me connect with strangers across the globe. I feel ever more connected to them as I valiently put effort in coming up messages that would cheer them when they felt down or even just receiving a positive message that felt genuine helped me get through my day. I would anxiously check the duration of my letters being sent and also letters coming straight to me. Sometimes I get way impatient and write more letters to fill that span.

Getting a digital letter feels like Christmas. Especially when the opposite pours their hearts content, while putting in effort to learn and understand you as well. I learned a thing or two of being crafty with my sentences hahaha 🙂 besides that not seeing the person’s face only makes it more mysterious. It’s a good characteristic the app introduce, as it makes you want to know more about the person based on the information received. Rather than what we currently have in social media where people only socialize with their circle, kind or based on how they look.

As I patiently wait to meet some of the recipients whom I can actually call my friends, I am humbly delighted that I discovered slowly. One boring afternoon turned to be a fruitful and blissful encounter. Even though some of them don’t write to me anymore, we still take the efforts in adding each other through social media or exchanging or personal digits.

I would like to thank everyone involved in making this app, for giving me the penpal experience. From the bottom of my heart I only wish for Slowly to grow in all directions.

P.S don’t be afraid to write back to me! I would love to widen my penpal circle as well 🙂

Love : A.J (Astralnaut)

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